Dennis Ralph

session guitarist

guitar tutor


After spending 2 years helping run a recording studio I now have my own set up at home in Brighton. I use my home studio for my online mixing and mastering, my tuition, online sessions, composing and even recording full bands.


I charge £25 per hour for recording and basic ‘level’ mixing and mastering. For full production mixing and mastering I start at £80 per track.


I prefer to use Logic Pro, so if you would like me to mix or master your track ‘online’ and the project was recorded in anything else you will need to send me a WAV of each track.


I mix using Yamaha HS50M and record guitars using a Palmer PDI03 Speaker Simulator. I use Native Instruments for my drum and orchestration sounds.


In the soundcloud box to the left are some examples of my recording, mixing and mastering. Discounts available for multiple tracks.

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