Session Guitarist

“Dennis is an easy going, amiable and talented session guitarist. He filled in at the last minute for a festival gig last year, learned an entire set of original songs which he only heard for the first time just 2 hours before the gig and played superbly.  He was extremely easy and stress free to work with, his playing fitted in with the songs beautifully and he put in an excellent performance!”

Pete Owen : Piano / Fender Rhodes / Keyboards / Production

I was lucky enough to do my first session at the age of 16 and I haven't stopped since. My experiences in different genres range from folk to metal and everything in between.

I am available not only as a studio musician but also for live shows (gigs, tours TV and radio) and online sessions. I can do both lead and rhythm on electric, acoustic and slide and can comfortably improvise and sight read.

Online sessions start from £40 per track.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss what I can do for your project and about pricing.



-Fender Stratocaster with Maple neck, modded with KTS titanium saddles, Graph Tech nut and Sonic Monkey 57 pickups.

-Fender Stratocaster with Rosewood neck.

-Fender Rosewood Telecaster.


-1931 Gibson Kel Kroydon (L-00) with pickup.

-Crafter D7N (dreadnaught) with pickup (usually used for alternate tunings).


-1967 WEM ER30 (valve head).

-WEM 2x12.

-Palmer PDI-03 cab simulator.

-Weber Mini Mass Attenuator.

-1960 Watkins Clubman (valve combo).

-HH Bass Baby 150 (transistor head).


-1978 Fender Musicmaster.

-Various effect pedals, generally I try and keep one of everything.

-Violin (electric violin made by Sonic Violins).



Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster-Sonic Monkey 57 Pickups
1967 WEM ER30
1931 Gibson Kel Kroydon- L00
1960 Watkins Clubman
Fender Stratocaster
70s HH Bass Baby 150
1978 Fender Musicmaster